Stormy Sunset

Captured this photograph while driving home from photography class.


Water Weeds

I had to weed the small pond in my backyard this evening. Here is a glimpse of the task.


These pencils are the leftovers from my bfa project.  Between the ones I actually used for my bfa presentation and the one that are left, I have a lifetime supply of writing utensils.


I barbecued for 2 hours tonight for our ward party.  I felt as greasy as I smelled.  Literally minutes after finishing I got a call from the vice president of wanting to meet me for a job interview while he was in Rexburg.  I did, without showering or changing.  Awesome.

BFA Opening Night

This shot was taken a few moments before the official opening of Brigham Young University-Idaho’s bachelor of fine arts show.  This photo visually represents hours upon hours of work from the last two semesters.