Stormy Sunset

Captured this photograph while driving home from photography class.

Water Weeds

I had to weed the small pond in my backyard this evening. Here is a glimpse of the task.

2,000 Flyers

At work I had to print and cut out 2,000 flyers today. Here is the evidence of my work.

The Good Book

While reading my scriptures I snapped this photograph.

Sunday Best

I always have the hardest time choosing what tie to where.  While trying to decide a snapped a photo of my tie rack.

Car Wash

I was lazy and didn’t want to wash my car by hand so I took it to Ray’s Car Wash.  This photo was snapped while going through the spinning brushes.


These pencils are the leftovers from my bfa project.  Between the ones I actually used for my bfa presentation and the one that are left, I have a lifetime supply of writing utensils.